2016 - 2021
I was hired at EndemolShine to be the in-house motion designer, making trailers and motion graphics for shows we wanted to sell to the networks.

This trailer helped us sell “Vous avez un colis” to M6.

I seized this opportunity to improve my editorial skills, and soon I was working on format adaptation and on my own concepts. A great learning experience.
Where I’m going with that is: I’m a motion designer at core, but I feel absolutely comfortable taking the pen if a project needs editorial work.
The Golden Cube 
The Golden Cube was my biggest project at EndemolShine. It’s a game show concept that I came up with and developped with Laure Breban, a seasoned French game producer, and members of the international team.
I directed the trailer and built a 3D set to bring the game to live.

As this is sensitive information, please ask me for the password if you want to see this trailer.

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