I started working as an editor in 2008, then quickly expanded to 2D motion design. I’ve worked on TV commercials, DVD and Blu-Ray, and a edited an indie feature film. I recently shifted to 3D motion design as a Houdini artist, a role that aligns well with my past experience and newly found passion for 3D. This field is where I feel most at home and I'm excited to grow in this direction.
I was born in 1982 in Bourges, I’m gay, I have ADHD → I always want to learn new stuff, this ↑ is Fée, I paly Brazilian percussions, I practice sports every day, I love English, science, science-fiction, politics and I’m a magic the gathering player.
And sorry for my French readers but at least, you won’t have to worry about my English if you hire me.
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